My 40+1 before 41 – A list of things I would like to accomplish before 41

If you know me in real life, you would know I have a HUGE love for lists. Lists, cards and cats. But this post isn’t about my love for cats (that will come later!) this post is about my extensive love of lists and how I would like to accomplish this list before I turn 41. On this current day I am almost 23 years old so that gives me 13 years to complete all of my crazy exciting dreams! I encourage you to write a list of your own as it will give you that extra little push to start achieving what your heart desires!

My 40+1 before 41
Travel back to Europe
See Dj Mammy Rock live
Watch sea turtles hatch & travel to the sea
Adventure to Africa & go on a safari
Take surfing lessons
Gain scuba diving tickets
Do a shark cage dive
Have my second baby
Get married to the love of my life!
Go shopping in Dubai
Add a love lock to Pont de l’Archevêché
Learn spanish
Write a book
Have my photography published
Graduate from university with a degree
Go on a cruise
Spend a month by the ocean in Eleuthera
Go to Disney France
Go on a humanitarian trip
Run a marathon
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Have a date in Central Park
Have my surgery
Upgrade my car
Swim in the Great Barrier Reef
Walk in a rainforest
Learn to play guitar
Fully train my puppy
Pay off student loan debt
Swim with dolphins
Reconnect with my faith
Adopt a sweet little
Go cliff diving
Be a bridesmaid
Get a tattoo in a different country
Do a 365 photography project or similar
Visit the Australian pink lake
Watch the top 100 documentaries list
Go to and review 100 different restaurants (fast food doesn’t count!)
Buy and successfully use a film camera
Go to Thailand
Own 50 pairs of shoes


And here is a picture from our trip to Eleuthera. My heart is here.


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