Child Photography – Tips & Tricks


If you have a child at home or know one, you have probably already realized that they are ALWAYS on the go and ALWAYS moving. This can usually make picture taking hard and FRUSTRATING! There is hope though. You CAN have gorgeous pictures of your kids and little loved ones and have the satisfaction of taking these REAL images yourself without having fake cheesy smiles or awkward faces. Try out something below and let me know how it works for you!

#1: Include your child
Kids love to feel like they are able to make choices for themselves. In harmless situations (such as picture taking!) why not let them pick a few choice poses. Suggest taking turns, you pick a pose then they pick a pose. Everyone is kept happy and your child feels included!

#2: Plan a special activity
Most kids like hands on activities! Blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jumping rope, toy trucks and cars, exploring and sand play can keep them entertained long enough for you to get a few snaps of them at play! Remember that they don’t always have to be looking at the camera and smiling for the picture to tell an amazing story.

#3: Be Patient
Relax and spend quality time with your child, talking and playing. The less time you spend chasing them around trying to snap a picture the more your child will stay calm and allow to to capture those real expressions. The next time that you pull out the camera they will remember that it is something that can be fun and not boring.

#4: Be fun
Being silly can help wonders! Tell funny jokes or make up silly songs. When a child sees an adult acting fun you will most likely gain their attention and be able to capture those real smiles and sparkling eyes! This will be sure to make picture time less of a chore for everyone involved.

#5: Know when to call it quits
When you find that picture time is starting not to exactly work out – put the camera away! There is no point in creating an upsetting experience because you aren’t going to get those precious images that you want.

Note: the best time for taking photographs is “the golden hour” This time is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. The colours of the sky are lovely and the light is more warm and soft. At these times you will find that your pictures are better lit and not so harsh and shadow-y. Overcast days also work lovely for photography! If these times don’t work well for you, look for open shade. This will keep your subject from squinting and shadows from peeking out over their faces! Try back-lighting if you need to take pictures in open sunlight. Place your child with their back to the light (your face will be towards it) this will also help to keep them from squinting!

Have fun taking pictures everyone! I would love to see what you produce!

XO, Jess




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